This is one of the shops we designed and renovated for Desigual, that was executed in only 5 days.  A 100m2 space in the center of Antwerp, Belgium.

“Creating unique atmospheres, which give events and spaces an extra sense of magic.  Thanks to a highly motivated team, they are able to perform the work in record time.  Very proactive in finding solutions for any problems  that may arise in any event.”

Thomas Meyer CEO de Desigual

In the center of Barcelona, ​​Dele Meyer Design, in collaboration with Martí Guixé, designed and built the Unexpected Store of Desigual. Introducing fun and dynamic ways for the public to enjoy their shopping experience. By introducing them to Noa, the first hologram tiger in the world, that welcomes every guest with his roar!

With the fun rainbow coloured staircase that invites you upstairs.

There is also a digital JukeBox in which you can choose up to 5 songs at once … Yes, the audience is the DJ in the store. The classic video games that can keep you entertained while your partner navigates the collections, or you can sit in the sun gallery, enjoy free coffee and literally charge your batteries (mobile phone).

There are even tattooed mannequins, designed and coloured by the public, and also if you look up, you will find some rotating mannequins hanging from the ceiling, which display original Desigual pieces. All of this happening in this in this two story 900 m2 building in Portal del Ángel. The entire concept, design and transformation was successfully completed in just 6 weeks.