At the Bisutex fair in Madrid we had the pleasure to design and execute an original 82m2 stand for Le Bijou.

The stand had a light, romantic and cozy feel to it which was created by the gauze walls. This left a positive impression on all who entered the pavilion and attracted a constant flow of visitors to their stand.

We upcycled Antique wooden doors to showcase their abundant jewelries and vibrant accessories.

“Our overall experience with Dele Meyer Design has been extremely positive because they fill you illusion. Their concept and execution is original, dynamic and striking. Our expectations were fulfilled in terms of execution and design. The most importantly is that Dele Meyer Design gets everyone talking about your stand.”

Pol Aviñó Chen – Executive Creative Director

At the Bisutex Fair in Madrid, Tropic Art celebrated their 25th year anniversary with us creating a new original, organic design concept for their stand, illuminating their creative imitation jewelry pieces.

From the results, reviews, attention and new clients that Tropic Art attracted during the five day event, we are very proud to continue creating new spaces for Tropic Art to shine.

“What an upgrade for Tropic Art, spectacular!  Those who know us are motivated and those who didn’t know us, now do…  This stand has inspired me to think of new actions and projects! Congratulations!”

Nico Carreras – CEO of Tropic Art

At the Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona, we had the honor of designing and executing a 36m2 organic stand for Farinera Coromina. A company that is over 120 years old is known as one of the best quality international flour mill with a wide variety of high quality grains, as a result of many years of dedication and expertise of this family run business during 5 generations.

Using two types of Woods, we also showcased their different grains using rotating turntables.

“We are proud to count on a team of professionals who left their mark for the fair to be a success. Thank you for your efforts!”

Luis Coromina – CEO of Farinera Coromina

Since 1857, Bardinet has been a symbol of rum emblematic tradition through out the world through it’s Negrita brand. However, over time this has given way to a group of companies dedicated to producing the main spirits know available with wines and spanish sparkling wines of hight-quality adapted  to all markets in over 118 countries.

It was an absolute honor to create and design the Bardinet stand at the Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona. By understanding their desires and needs to showcase their high-quality brands we came up with this original design, a 100m2 stand using 777 wood strips that were carefully cut out in our work-shop.

We are very pleased our client, their clients and the public were impressed with the results.

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